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Inquiry about Edtech Design Opportunities

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Some that have come to mind: Udemy, Masterclass, Classdojo, Khan Academy!Also, @allisonsilber's post here for Lambda School!:
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Thank you dearly!
stephaniecn's profile thumbnail could be helpful.
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Thank you kindly!
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+1 to EdSurge - they have job listings at the end of both their industry- and instruction-focused newsletters. Also recommend looking in the job portals of edtech-focused VCs like Reach Capital and GSV Ventures. (Many trad VCs have made edtech investments too so could search Union Sq Ventures, Forerunner, Cowboy Ventures, etc.). I have some portfolio companies hiring too! Also, I run the NYEdTech Meetup - don’t need to be in New York anymore to join our networking mixers. Lots of people making the same transition you are seeking. You can join for free here:
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Thanks so much! I'll definitely check out EdSurge and look into the NYEdTech Meetup!
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May I ask...what do you mean by product design? Are you referring to courseware?
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Hi Allie, By product design, I meant user experience design and user interface design. I am unfamiliar with courseware. Could you kindly explain what courseware is? Thank you :)
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Hi Kristran, I was just feeling around in the dark trying to figure out what you were talking about...:). How did you jump from educator to product design? Are you going to mesh the two?