Introducing Arundhati Datta

Hello Everyone, I am Arundhati Datta, currently, Senior Project Manager at Optum (UHG company). I started the venture 2 years ago as a CEO at Bayshore Intelligence Solution (Full Stack, AI, Data science Startup). Please check out my website

I drive solutions and implementations to bridge the gap between business and technology with expertise in directing portfolios comprised of complex programs and projects for 20+ years.

In Personal life when I am not working, I love to play Chess with my 7 year old daughter and have meaning full time around with my family. I love to mentor , coach people in their career. Throughout my career, I have helped many people land in their dream job , even when this was not my business and I was just starting my career. I love to meet new people and learn how to grow myself to help women who needs to speak up and standup for themselves.

I live in dublin, California, near San francisco.

I am here at Elpha to find a dream PMO director role within Optum or outside and also meet some new clients for my startup Bayshore, Please check out Please check out one of our Bayshore product for free , Please feel free to use it for free in your daily lives to consize , enroll if you are a premium customer and provide feedback.

Ask me about product delivery best practices, career growth advice, leadership skills, balancing between career and family, Job & Statups and more!