I have a scrum master and few project manager role contractor Role , if anyone is available please DM me.

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Hi @arundhatidutta, thank you for posting this and sharing with the community! It would be great if you could share a bit about the project management roles themselves and the expectations/location. With that info, you could tag our Job Board community !
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Thanks @tanmayisai.Here is the JD for scrum master roles -Scrum Master role , At pgeΒ San Ramon, CA12 Months+Β Hiring for Scrum Master experience is essential. Looking for someone who is independent, accountable, strong communication skills and quick learner. The scrum master needs to drive the project progress, follow up on action items, work with business stakeholders and manage financials.Β For details on the rate please DM me.
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Point of clarification: are you looking for proj manager roles (since you mentioned the master) or are you saying you have some opportunities for people looking? or both?
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@iynna- I also have few project manager roles at Charles Schwab. JD is yet to be published however HM mentioned these positions are Austin . TX based. Please DM me if anyone is interested.