Increase your impact as an engineer by helping your team make decisions

Want to level up your tech career in 60 mins?

Join Irina and me for an insightful conversation about "Increase Your Impact as an Engineer by Facilitating Team Decisions"! 🚀

Irina and I have been leveraging the power of enabling our teams to build successful careers in tech over the past 10 years and we will share all about it in this event.

Join us if you want to:

▶️ Discover how mastering facilitation can transform you from a skilled engineer to a force multiplier by guiding your team through complex decision-making processes effectively

▶️ Learn techniques that not only encourage collaboration and support healthy conflict but also use these conflicts as learning opportunities

▶️ Amplify your impact by empowering others – create a meeting culture where every voice is heard and valued, making your discussions more efficient and less painful

Join us live and ask us all your questions ❓

Looking forward to seeing you there and helping you transform your role within your tech team! 🙂