Looking for advice on Law School and the application process

Upon the completion of my undergraduate degree, I intend to pursue my law degree without taking a gap year. Therefore, this fall, I intend to submit applications to law schools and would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations in regards to the application process. For example: Which elements of your resume do you believe proved incredibly useful? What insights might you offer with respect to the personal statement section? Lastly, are there any particular activities or aspects on your application that you believe stood as an advantage in your application?

That's very exciting Valentina! Do you know yet what aspect of law you might want to explore?In any case, I explored law school for a bit but eventually went a different route (got a master in ID and recently got an MBA in finance)the overall thing I'd say is nail down your story: why law and therefore law school, how have the life decisions you've made to date inform your desire to be a lawyer (that could be from your choice of where to go to uni, to the degree you chose to major in, to the activities you are doing on and off campus, the internships you've done etc), why now, why you (this is especially true as you target programmes, it will be super important that they see why you're going to be a strong fit for their programmes/schools. Then more specifically to law school (also from what all my friends who went said): smash your LSAT - a very good LSAT is going to increase your odds of going to a top programme (i assume that's probably why you're going for), and even maybe get scholarships, make sure your GPAs are excellent (this is true for anyone but especially if you're not currently at a top uni - it's unfortunate but it's the truth) Work experience: basically all your internships/other relevant work you've done that could help boost your caseExtracurricular: if you're doing things like Model UN, debate society talk about them. Then I am sure there are pre-law activities you can be involved in, anything writing related (eg your school journal). And of course any school government will help you! Basically showing leadership skills and interest will only enhance your case. Others: make sure you get great recommenders who know you super well and can speak on your skills very specifically!Let us know how things pan out, this is exhilarating!