Course Hero. is hiring across the board!

Course Hero is on a mission to help students graduate, confident and prepared. The online learning platform offers over 60 million course-specific study resources created by and for students and educators, as well as 24/7 tutor help. More than 65,000 verified college educators use Course Hero to collaborate with other faculty and share resources to hone new strategies for instruction. Everyday, students, educators and tutors help more than 20 million students make every study hour count.

We have an awesome team and a truly engaging culture. We are customer-focused, collaborative, responsible, gritty, and we love to learn. Our bold mission is to help students graduate confident and prepared!

We are a virtual-first company and have employees dispersed throughout the United States and Canada.

Please reach out for a referral!

It's too bad they aren't hiring copy editors. I just finished a contract with PBS and need to fill the gap.
Def check again in a few weeks!
So neat, Kati! It's wonderful to see that you're hiring in an environment where hiring has been pretty scarce! @omadume might be interested in some of the SWE roles here!
Thanks @iynna. Unfortunately seems no positions for UK or EU but I appreciate the share!
@omadume - Our subsidiary is hiring in Europe:
Oh snap that's a bummer!
@kaliforniakati I would LOVE a referral for any kind of copywriting or social media marketing jobs.
@saraghattas Feel free to send me a message if anything here is a fit: