I’m back from 2.5 weeks of holiday with my family in Spain. What a treat!

During a rare quiet moment in my vacation, I reflected on my career as well as what I wanted my impact to be during the remaining of 2022.

The first thing that came to my mind was to get more women and people belonging to underrepresented groups in leadership promoted in 2023. And there are less than 4 months until the annual reviews!

I wanted my first post to debunk the toxic myth that women don’t help other women.

Yes, there have been some women that have hindered my progression or didn’t help me when it could have made a massive difference for me….


For each of those women, I’ve found many others that have supported my career progression, made warm introductions, amplified my work, and highlighted my achievements and skills in rooms where I was not present. They have been my mentors, coaches, and sponsors.

The list is huge! I’ve listed some of those amazing women in a LinkedIn post.

What about you? How other women have helped you in your career?