Hi everyone! Since I've started my journey attempting to transition from academia/clinical research, to more of the tech/femtech space, it's been an uphill challenge. One that I'm excited about nonetheless, because I'm passionte about improving women's reproductive healthcare. I'm wondering what you elphas out there though about getting more schooling/education to land your job in tech? This one I'm looking at in particular is through Harvard Med School online, is 6 weeks and is in Digitial Transformation in Healthcare certificate? Thoughts?

Normally I'd say no, but looking at this, if you partner it with a project or two, it may work for you! I notice a lot of people get the certs and the degrees but don't have a tech job to show for it.
It’s a weird time in all of tech. The extreme layoffs & hiring freezes can’t last forever. Normally I would say experience will help more than schooling, but 6 weeks is probably worth your time if it teaches you more, raises your confidence, or leads to even 1 interview. Think of the certificate course as a networking opportunity.
Hm I am torn on this, if I remember correctly you're also in a Doctorate program? In which case I think you don't fall in the realm of being "overqualified" so I'd actually try to have more direct experience even if it's pro bono or an internship at first which I think will open you more doors. I just worry that you invest time and resources in this programme and end up not dedicating this time to build important connections with organisations you may later work with.