Elphas in Boulder, CO?

Any Elphas in Boulder, CO open to networking?

We have Elphas everywhere!! @mohalk I believe @CaseyCSimmons is planning a move there in the coming months, @elizabethburgess @kristastadler @jenfrazier @plady @lisawhite @vitashannon @NatalieDLevy @emmaclark12 @codev91 @annapeshock @PeggyG @katiestahl @MeganMelissa @laurenmaroevich Okay hope this is a good start
I'm in Denver and occasionally pop over to Boulder.
See below note about a group in the area that is already forming or formed. We'll get the Whatsapp link and join. Sound good?
Yes! I am arriving in Boulder today (Saturday, Aug 5th). Would love to meet up. I'm happy to help coordinate a meetup in Boulder/Denver area. Please lmk here or email [email protected] if you are interested in joining.
I’m interested in a boulder meet up! My email is [email protected]
Yes! I'm 30 minutes outside of Boulder and would love to meet up. My email is [email protected]
@stancemcgraw I live in Boulder! I'd love to link up and chat.
Would you email me at [email protected]? We're coordinating a meet up via email and will include you.
I’m in Denver! Would love to join a meet up in the Denver/Boulder area
Also in Denver/Boulder! @Jennyc1229 Please send Whatsapp link!
Late to the party but +1! I’m just outside Boulder.
Late to the party but I am also in Boulder and would love to meet up! [email protected]