Interested In Having Producer Credit For A Docu-Series Highlighting Women Of Color?

When I started Witted Roots, LLC six years ago, more than anything, I recognized that we needed to make it easier for millennial women of color, like me, to access the tools and resources that could help us have a better relationship with our mental health. I also understood that in addition to being able to access these tools and resources, there needed to be a sort of cultural sensitivity to the shame, stigma, and other barriers that we face with family, friends, and our wider community.To begin addressing the stilted conversations about mental health that continue to exist in global communities of color, stories need to be told. The stories that are not often told, and certainly not by us.At the end of this month, we finally begin filming our docu-series highlighting the most vulnerable mental health experiences of millennial women of color, and we need your help to make sure that our production goes off without too many hitches.We're crowdfunding on IFundWomen, and along with other great rewards, we are offering Associate Producer credit + Producer credit as rewards for those who would love to be forever weaved into the fabric of this docu-series that will have far-reaching impact.