I'm trying to start my own business, but I'm completely lost!!

Hey Elphas!

I recently started my own business, but I'm completely lost on where to begin. Whether you're too embarrassed, can't for medical reasons, or just too busy to remember, my company delivers all of the essentials you'll need for your period, every month, to your door, so you won't have to worry about it. My goal is to change the way we think about our periods!! #ChangeTheStigma . So far, I have a website landing page, created the llc and created an instagram for it (I don't use social media at all).

I guess I'd like some tips and tricks on where to get funding so I can start getting more supplies. I sent out a few boxes to family and friends as a prototype to see how much supplies will cost, shipping costs and overall reaction to the products, while I'm working on the full website, and I pretty much emptied my savings account.

Now I'm stuck and losing traction. Being a black queer woman I feel like everything is against me right now and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Help. Please. If you want.

Tagging @DianePrince for any advice or lessons learned!
Thanks SO much for the tag @iynna-- I don't know how I missed this post. @tiarafeaster, schedule a call with me and I'm happy to talk it through with you.
@DianePrince thank you so much for getting back to me. Scheduled!
Hi @tiarafeaster I would advise to setup informational interview with people in similar companies. I know that there are other companies in this space, try to get in touch w people in that industry and get acquainted with the business challenges they are working with. Also start conducting market research with potential customers, maybe build a blog or newsletter to build a customer base that can be your beta testers. Funding is almost the last step in the setup bc funding comes once you have a proven concept and beta clients, potentially. Connect with other female founders in the femtech space to learn more about the funding process. You can also try to get an intern to support with social media , thought you might want to get good at social bc a LOT of brands sell on social.Hope this helps!
Heya!! Checking on you because I saw two things that might help you in the short-run (at least make you feel better/less overwhelmed and give you some insights on how you can move forward with your own venture) Check this event And here is a great post from our member @helloworld
Hey hey!! Thank you soooo much for those resources.