How Do I Tailor My Resume for 2 Different Positions Within The Same Company?

Hey Everyone!

My contract with my current company is almost up, and they told me they would hire me IF there is a position available at the end of my contract. I can't take that chance, so right now I'm actively looking for another job.

I found a company that I'm absolutely in love with their culture, and I think I could bring a lot of new ideas to their company. My problem is, they have 2 roles, that I'm interested in, and I think I would do an amazing job in either role.

I don't want to be the person that applies for every role in a company, but I'm not sure how to tailor my resume to apply.

Should my resume be completely different for each role? I'm worried that the hiring manager(s) will see my resume for both roles and think that's I'm a loose cannon and just trying to find any job I can get.

Has anyone ever applied to more than 1 role within a company? If so, how did that turn out for you? Am I being super paranoid?

Any advice is greatly appreciated :-)

I think 2 is reasonable, but I also think employers aren't often reasonable. Maybe reach out to a recruiter beforehand and let them know - "Hi! I really am liking the look of the company and culture, especially [a,b,c] , and I came across this role, listing [x] and [y] - both of which I have experience in.*link to role*I also found another role that fits me as well. I want to get ahead of any misconceptions, and let [you/the company] know that I'm not just applying at random. If you aren't the right person to contact about this, can yo direct me to the person I should talk to?''I would send it regarding each role (both of them) to maybe 1 person each. Then put it in a cover letter for both positions.
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Hi! Are the two jobs in the same part of the organization? Are the skills needed for both jobs similar? How big is the company? Would love a bit more context!
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Hi! Both positions are in different parts of the organization. The skills are pretty similar as far as knowing how to talk to people. One is a customer oriented position and the other is a recruiting position. The company is a startup, but have employees across the globe. I hope this helps.
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Hi Tiara, I have applied for multiple roles in the same organization. Doing do is not a problem and shows the company what your interests are, which maybe more than one role, and that's ok! I suggest to apply for both roles, with the same resume, or you can tweak a bit if you want, there's always small edits you can make so that it makes it more relevant to a role, but I don't see it absolutely necessary. I would advise you to reach out and start a conversation with the recruiter or hiring manager at the company through Linkedin to express your interest in both roles. Both you have a conversation with them you can determine which one is a better fit or more urgent for the company, as sometimes one role is more urgent to hire for than another.In my case, the company responded to one of the roles and let me know that that one is more urgent so therefore they are hiring for it first, so it's totally fine to apply to 2+ roles since you never know the situation.
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I am so glad you found a company you loved (I remember when you posted first about being in a contract role and were unsure of the next move).I would take another unbiased look at the roles as there must be one that could be a slightly better fit. Maybe recruit someone who knows you well, in these situations I'd usually ask someone from my "Board of Advisors" who knows me in a professional and personal capacity and help make a decision. Now if you really can't make one I'd suggest you connect with either the hiring person or someone in that role (if you are going for a big company a la Google, then you can definitely ask someone on the team, in the role, if it's a smaller company then you can ask the HR person).
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don't do it! choose only 1, please
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I'm interested in hearing your perspective.
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well, it's probably that same recruiter will read your both CVs. They probably will think that you are not sure about what you want about your career. That happened to me in the past.
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Very very true
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I wouldn't tailor 2 within the same company b/c its confusing - you're one person, so to tailor the same experience in 2 ways might send the wrong message. I personally believe in 1 resume that represents your varied experience and that story shoudl be applicable to whatever you apply for and if not re-tailor your strategy. If you figure out your ideal direction first, and then tailor your materials, you should be good to keep those materials the same if you're applying in line with your direction. Let me know if htat makes sense and if you'd like help holistically on the job search, I'm happy to chat further. (I'm a career coach! -- ) -- I offer a free coaching call here -->,/woken/demo