How Do I Find A Mentor?

Good morning ladies!

Does anyone have a mentor? If so, how did you find each other? Do you just ask if someone can mentor you? Did they volunteer?

I'm looking for a mentor to help me not only further my career, but actually step into the space I need. I have a hard time putting myself "out there" , so I believe I'm missing out on a quite a bit.

Any stories or advice would be great!

Hi Tiara! You can check out to find a mentor!
Yes, I love Merit (I'm a little biased because I write for them)! Also, one of their co-founders wrote a great article on finding a mentor!
@dipishapatel Thank you very much for sharing the link!I read there that Merit works best for people located in the United States and Canada, do you happen to know if it's because of the language barrier or if there's any other reason?
Hi @anitavivar welcome to Elpha! I'm tagging @teresaman as she would have better insight into this.
I know @Ashima is building something over at!Also, finding a mentor can be generally challenging, which is why I think everyone is recommending these matching resources. Do you generally have a sense of what you're hoping to get from a mentor/mentee relationship? What exactly is it you feel that you are missing that you think you could get from a mentor/mentee relationship? Is it possible that you might be able to get that thing elsewhere or even better offer it to yourself? I think once you're clear on why you want a mentor, it will help others find what it is that you want and are looking for. Feel free to message me if you want to talk it through!
Wow!! Thank you for mentioning us :)
My experience with mentor matching programs has been quite poor -- I have never really "clicked" with someone that I was linked with. Where I've found success and value is pairing with people in more of a co-mentoring relationship. I have specific expertise that other folks find valuable, and so conversations are two-sided rather than one-sided.
I use to find mentors
I have so many thoughts on this!! (I started a whole platform dedicated to this because it felt so hard)If you ever want to chat any time, just let me know :)
Yes please!!!!
Just feel free to directly message me!
I started using and it's the only thing that's been super easy for me to find and immediately talk to a mentor!
check out Wentors
I'll start with a plug, because I'm trying to put myself out there more, too! I recently launched Adathena, a platform specifically designed to match mentors and mentees based on career goals, communication styles, and more. We've been able to get fantastic mentors from great companies onboard already, and I'd be happy to talk to you (or anyone else) about mentorship.Outside of mentorship platforms, finding a mentor can take a little work/time, but it's so worth it. If you've had managers in the past who've had a positive impact on you, get back in touch with them; let them know how much they've impacted you, and that you'd love to be able to meet up with them more regularly as you try to grow yourself and your career. Another thing that can be helpful is to do a LinkedIn search for people who are in the jobs or industries you're aiming for, or whose career trajectories mirror the one that you're trying to achieve. If they post on LinkedIn or anywhere else, start commenting on those posts, asking thoughtful questions and using it as an opportunity to introduce yourself. Otherwise, send a connection request and just ask if they'd be willing to sit down with you for 15 minutes to chat about their experiences. Make it clear that you're not looking for a job referral; that you genuinely want to just learn more about them and their professional history. Get to know them during that meeting, and see if they seem like they'd be a good fit for you. If so, ask if you can keep meeting in the future. Don't dive right into asking for mentorship; instead, try to develop that relationship first. The best mentorship relationships come from a position of trust and friendship, and that's the sort of thing that needs time to grow.
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