OwnTrail x SheTransacts FREE Workshop: Own Your Journey + Boost Your Raise with confidence & clarity

There's no one right path through lifeβ€” just yours. Reflect, explore, and capture it in this interactive session with OwnTrail, the peer support system for women, rooted in the authentic sharing of our unique paths through life.Join 2 Elpha companies: OwnTrail co-founder and SheTransacts community member Kt McBratney for a powerful workshop to give you a boost of confidence, clarity, and belonging.When was the last time you really looked at how far you've come β€” the obstacles you've overcome, the twists and turns that you navigated, and the milestones that really made you who you are today? And when did you last articulate your goals, sharing your aspirations with yourself and the world?These acts of authentic reflection and intention can be hugely powerful as you navigate your journey in a way that is true to yourself, and as you foster meaningful connections with other women.Kt will share her personal journey embracing her path vs. the idea of the "right path," and will guide participants through a cycle of reflection, imagination, aspiration and action.#workshop #AuthenTech #RealRaise #SheTransacts #OwnTrail@ktmcbratney @michellezaffino @ThereseClark #womenintech #femalefounders #SheTransacts #OwnTrail #RealRaise #Authentech
Can't wait! This is gonna be so fun.
Getting excited and the list of RSVP's is growing!