FREE WEBINAR (2/8/22) "TEEN DATING VIOLENCE: Love Shouldn’t Hurt"

We are hosting a webinar, "TEEN DATING VIOLENCE: Love Shouldn’t Hurt" on 2/8/2022 @ 2:00 PM EST.

(Registration is FREE)

This is geared toward parents/guardians, a Middle School/High School teachers,  guidance counselors, community leaders, and victim advocates, and we're going to dive into the reality of what signs you can look for, how to approach the subject, and what resources can you seek if a loved one is in trouble.

We’ll talk about ways to open up the dialogue with often resistant teens and young adults, for an honest look at relationships, what defines "healthy," and how to set boundaries with so much peer pressure.

After the event, we'll provide resources you can use if and when you need them. Virtual networking happens 30 minutes before and following the program.