Health Insurance options for the self-employed?

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Hi @SarahBerchild23! Yay for thinking about working for yourself! This thread might be of use - .I'm in CO and went independent in 2019. At the time, I explored association memberships, freelancer groups, alumni associations, working with a private broker for an underwritten catastrophe-only plan, PEOs like TriNet, and probably a couple of other paths, but ended up going with the CO exchange for myself, husband, and kiddos. Initially, I was going to supplement a Bronze plan with a concierge/direct-to-patient model through a local physician's office, but we didn't get the value out of the concierge medicine plan, so dropped it fairly early on. For this year, I switched to a Silver HSA-friendly plan because our Bronze coverage got a bit worse.Feel free to DM me with any questions.
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Hey Sarah! Cat from HealthSherpa here. The exchanges are great options especially considering the impact of the latest budget reconciliation bill (ARP) from the Biden Administration which increases subsidies for all and introduces subsidies for folks who make more and historically have not qualified for savings. Beware of Short term health plans, health sharing ministries and non-compliant health plans as those lack consumer protections, essential health benefits, etc that exist and are regulated in ACA coverage through the exchanges.
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I used the Washington exchange when I needed health insurance in 2019 and it was fine - they covered my therapy appointments which I hadn't expected them to. The price was ok and like Cat said, it should be better now with the changes from the Biden administration.