Looking for a UI/UX designer for a wellness/ holistic therapies platform

Hi everyone!

I'm working on the first MVP of my company. I've launched and tested an MVP on shopify to validate market, problems of my idea. Results have been favorable. Now I want to hire a UI/UX designer to build the first MVP with a dev team using my knowledge from this first Shopify MVP test.

Please send me your rates and portfolio to [email protected]



P.S it's a latin american company, so if you know spanish, that would be better. If not, we can do it in english and I can translate everything to spanish. The platform will be bilingual anyhow.

Hello @ximeft29 I can help with ux/ui as well as development. You can contact me at [email protected] I will also send you a dm.cheerschitra french
Hi Ximena!I have a full-stack agency, WLCM (pronounced "Welcome"), that partners with female-founded startups to provide product strategy, design, and full technical teams on an as-needed basis. We've been working with pumpspotting ( on their app, for example, for the past seven years, and Brella ( on their apps (mobile and web) for the past three years; in both cases since startup conception. :)As a team, we have 10+ years experience on 100+ products, earning recognition from FastCo ("Best of Experience Design") and the App Store ("Best in Class") just recently, among other accolades. I'd love to connect to see if there might be a fit here.Our site: bio: calendar: email is [email protected]