ISO: People Ops Job

Hey! I'm in the market for a new job and it's getting tough out here. I actually found my last job through a connection on here and thought I'd try to find a solid connection here again.

My previous boss had her own start up and I helped to build it internally. Now that she's taking the next step and mciong into the political world I am looking for my next great opportunity. My specific job was on diversity equity and inclusion and people operations. I created the entire on boarding process, trainings, and manage the payroll and benefits.

In the early stages of working for her I had a variety of tasks which included calendar management, event planning, podcast management and other administrative tasks all work which I’m willing to do again especially if it is to help advance the company and get the company and a great space.

I would love to continue to do this kind of work for someone else who needs me. I really love start up culture and I love what else I has done to increase the success of women so I thought that this would be a great place to plug myself.

Here is a link to my portfolio: HIRE ME

Feel free to send me a message if you would like my resume to view for consideration or to pass along!

Thank you,

Breanna Carodine