Looking for website design gigshttps://dboagency.co/


I'm looking for any web design gigs(basic & e-commerce alike). I can design top-notch websites on all CMS platforms; WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.

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Tagged several other communities for you! 🥰
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Thanks Teresa! 😊
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Greetings, Ms. Osagie-Erese, and happy new year. Reaching out to comment, because I am intrigued and interested in discussing whether there might be an opportunity for us to collaborate together with a mutually-beneficial barter of services. Please feel free to DM me directly or connect with me through LinkedIn if this may be of interest. If not, absolutely no hard feelings! I understand and entirely respect the hustle.
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Hi @bcg would love to hear more about your proposition.
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Hello Osa, I would suggest you try cold mailing to brands or organization you think needs a website revamp.Gradually you get referrals and build your audience.
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Hi @thesanasi, Started doing this, hoping it helps. Thank you