Hiring a personal PR consultant

Hi folks!

Has anyone used a personal PR consultant to help accelerate brand building in the tech space? I am looking for someone who can help secure leads to speaking engagements, coach on thoughtful content and self-marketing, etc. Appreciate any leads!

Oh this is interesting! I worked with a firm before whose clients are mostly startups and scaleups but occasionally they would work with individual especially if they have an affiliation with an org (which i did). It was good, they did a good job creating a story around me and pitching me to journalists which helped me increase my exposure. I'll say that by the time I met them, I had already done some public speaking and had some sort of a brand (though not a huge one) and some legitimacy, which helped. Are there specific angles you'd want to focus on eg when you think of public speaking engagements, are there areas of your expertise you've identified or is this something you'd want help define too?