Startup Services

Hi Elphas,A half-baked idea coming your way! I am looking for ways to volunteer my time to help out early-stage startups. (pre-seed/seed stage). Given my background in product management and recent experiences as a venture investor, I would like to start an agency (??) that can provide some concrete services to really early-stage founders to build and launch their startup. This idea is still in the formative stage but these would be short-term consulting engagements. For all the founders out there, what are some stuff you required outside help with and how did you go about finding help?Cheers
Founder/Potential Investor Relationship EtiquetteMarketing/Direct and DigitalFinding Beta MembersSticking to an actual MVP instead of getting carried awayTop ten most unanticipated crazy that have happened with startupsHow to pivot with the marketPricing strategy
lol...late night download...Hi I'm Alicia and I have a startup and I have soooo many questions because there just isn't a lot of substance to the 'help' that we get. So yea...just thought I'd toss a few of the things I'm dealing with since you are searching for topics.I hope it goes well!