How can women in leadership find a role that lights them up?

Hi everyone, my name is Tracy Saunders and I'm the founder and CEO of BossmakeHer.

What began as an effort to help my friends and female colleagues tackle their job search questions and concerns is now the go-to resource for women in leadership who are ready to stop settling and make powerful, life-changing career moves whether that's today or a year from now.

As a former recruiter for companies like Amazon, Google, and Cisco, who has talked to thousands of candidates, I realized a truth that changed my life...

Women need more support when it comes to exploring what's possible.

So they can get intentional.

So they can land roles that light them up.

But there's too much irrelevant noise out there.

From expired job postings to mid-level recruiters, to gurus who've never done a day of recruiting, to overwhelming, disconnected resources and generic advice that has nothing to do with your situation at all...

I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of executive women from the world’s top companies — brilliant women who run million-dollar portfolios all of whom share the same fears and concerns as you.

I designed BossmakeHer to change the game for women who are ready to take action, own their story, and stop settling. Whether you’re wondering what's next or actively looking, our mission is to help you earn the pay and respect you truly deserve.

When we do, we'll guarantee more women are hired at the top and close the gender equity gap.

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