The importance of women having a handle on their finances and the power of money

The power of money is real.

Not going to be an expert? That's okay. However, it's only smart to know the basics of managing your finances and being aware of the power dynamics that come with money.

Are you interested in learning about investing alongside some incredible women? Check out The Club with us.

I'll be going LIVE on Instagram today to have a chat about the women’s investment club at She's Independent and to talk about the importance of women understanding finances — if anyone wants to listen in ♥️ at 8:30a MT / 10:30a ET today.

What's your target demographic/target income level?
It’s about interest. I’m excited to support more women to get into investing. :)
Do you have an alternative link for those of us who don’t have instagram?
So the recording is only accessible on Instagram but you are welcome to explore the series and club along with access to a free recording / introduction to investing session here: hope you enjoy!