Thinking like an Investor. Womxn-owned buisnesses earn less than 3% of VC funding... let's do something about it!

We all know about the wage gap but what about the equity ownership gap (womxn own just 43 cents on the dollar owned by a man) and the VC funding gap (womxn-owned business earn less than 3% of the VC funding, Black-owned womxn just 0.5%!)

You can start thinking like an investor to navigate into equity comp with your employer or advisory role even before you're accredited and ready to write checks.

Check out our workshop in early August walking through the fundamentals of equity ownership and valuations that will also cover strategy around negotiating equity packages.

So you've received an offer from an employer for 30,000 shares with a one year cliff and 4-year vesting.

How do you value it? What is negotiable?

You can't negotiate if you don't understand the value and mechanics of equity comp.

In this free webinar we'll cover all of it plus offer you some exercises to deepen your understanding of the material.

Who are we? Investors with wall street, angel and private equity investing, and growth technology startup experience.

What do we care about? Power dynamics and gender equity. Impact but also earning financial freedom to be indepenc

Looking for more? Check out our introduction to investing series and investment club. PROMO code 'ELPHA' offers 20% off your purchase!

Hope to see you there!


Founder, She's Independent