Curious to understand the fundamentals around equity ownership and valuations in addition to strategy for negotiating your equity comp package?

Check out our FREEBIE seminar.

So you've received an offer from an employer for 30,000 shares with a one year cliff and 4-year vesting.

How do you value it? What is negotiable?

You can't negotiate if you don't understand the value and mechanics of equity comp.

In this free webinar we'll cover all of it plus offer you some exercises to deepen your understanding of the material.

Who are we? Investors with wall street, angel and private equity investing, and growth technology startup experience.

What do we care about? Power dynamics. The equity ownership gap is real. Womxn own just 43 cents compared to every dollar owned by a man.

Looking for more? Check out our introduction to investing series and investment club. PROMO code 'fromEB' offers 20% off your purchase!

Hope to see you there!


Founder, She's Independent

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Please actually use the Promo code ELPHA for 20% off! Thanks!
tiffanyyhchang's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalie! Curious to know if a recording will be sent out after the webinar, as it's in the middle of my work day. Thanks for hosting this event! :)
NatalieDLevy's profile thumbnail
Great question. Yes! A recording will be sent to those who register.You can also send me questions in advance if you’d like me to address them live at the event.
tiffanyyhchang's profile thumbnail
Hi Natalie! Thanks for the quick response, and I'll definitely DM you any questions I'm curious to learn more about. ^_^