Is Optimal....really Optional?

Hi Ladies -

This question comes as an excerpt from the Work-Life-Balance Chapter of my newly released e-Book "Everyday Wellness". It touches on how we as Boss Babes (Ambitious Women) often put other things/people before our commitment to Self and why that shouldn't be. Or wait it out as long as can stand it before letting go.

None of us are immune to it.

At some point we've all settled for less or just enough -and made "optimal" -optional; but is it really okay? | Claim your copy of this E-Book incl. Free Digital Class and Short Film $25 USD : |

Acknowledgement is the first step towards growth!!! So don't feel bad.

I know for me, it has been hectic set of circumstances, I've moved 4+ X's in a single year. That has thrown off my early rising groove (or Circadian Rhythm). I typically go walking, stretching and energize for the work day at Sunrise, and I certainly notice a difference when I don't.

Sleeping In - Optional vs. Early Rising for Self-Care - Optimal

What about you?

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