Optimal is not Optional

Hi Ladies -

This is an excerpt from the Work-Life-Balance Chapter of my newly released e-Book "Everyday Wellness".

It touches on how we as Boss Babes often put other things/people before our commitment to Self and why that shouldn't be. Ways to implement change, simply by changing the way we think about ourselves as DIVINE Feminine Power and more.... | Purchase E-Book :

None of us are immune to it.

At some point we've all settled for less or just enough -and made "optimal" - option.

Acknowledgement is the first step towards growth!!! So don't feel bad.

I know for me, it has been hectic set of circumstances, I've moved 4+ X's in a single year. That has thrown off my early rising groove (or Circadian Rhythm). I typically go walking, stretching and energize for the work day at Sunrise, and I certainly notice a difference when I don't.

Sleeping In - Optional vs. Early Rising for Self-Care - Optimal

What about you? Share you Optimal vs. Optional