How do overcome Mom brain to stay focused on tasks at work?

This is a question I often wonder about - share some of the tactics you use below please:)

Do a search on how to support neurodivergence at work or how to support executive functioning disorders at work. There are a lot of people with permanent disabilities that figure this out and shine at work!
Excellent suggestion Melissa - thanks.
Prioritize sleep (as best you can), exercise and diet. Eat nutrient-dense foods that give you lasting energy, focusing on protein and healthy fats, and cut sugar and processed foods. I stocked my desk with snacks like nuts when I felt unfocused. And if I found myself getting stressed or frustrated by my mombrain, I'd take a short walk to clear my head. Usually that was enough to give me a mental break and help me get unstuck.
What @evacerise said also helps me — staying away from the sugar/carbs and focusing more on protein and good fats... which is sometimes hard because we can crave carbs and sugar when we're tired. Hydration can help too. If you don't do it already, try drinking at least 16 oz of water (with a pinch of sea salt or lemon juice) first thing in the morning, before coffee or food, stay hydrated throughout the day, and see how you feel. It helps my own mom-brain to process a little better. :) Also be kind to yourself — being a working mom is hard work!
Skip breakfast and lunch and all food except coffee if you have any until as late as possible. But also this wouldn’t happen if you truly loved your job in this stage in life. This is an indicator you have reprioritized and want more fulfillment out of your job now that it is competing with kid time. You’ll flourish best if you change something (job, career, etc.). Everything else is just a bandaid on this fundamental problem. Which is fine too if that is all you have energy for but you will not be living out your full potential so if mom brain is still happening after x amount of time, revisit making a change.
I hear what you’re saying that oftentimes lack of energy can indicate lack of interest, but I think in OP’s situation there is a specific physical issue they are struggling with (“mom brain”) that skipping meals, trying to survive only on coffee, and overthinking their job might do more harm than good. I think context is really important when it comes to solutioning. ♥️
Hi Kayla, it may be worth exploring ADHD symptoms in women--I'm also a mother and found that I was struggling with executive functioning after two kids. It's then I learned that ADHD symptoms vary with hormone fluctuations, and of course, your body goes through huge hormonal shifts when you have kids. It might be worth exploring. I don't have answer yet, but it's something I'm also learning more about and how I can better manage it!
Thanks for the Feedback!
omega3 tablets! 5grams per day of EPA and DHA (omega 3 fatty acids) - I have had zero baby brain for the whole pregnancy and I attribute it mostly to these supplements ;)
I have a tendency to get distracted from any tasks if I feel “mom guilt.” (Or what I perceive to be mom guilt.) Sometimes “filling their cup” can help. For at least 15 minutes before and after work play with them without distractions. That can help build your connection and eliminate that feeling. I really sympathize with your post.
Agreed. That guilt shame cycle will catch up to you!!!
Hi Kayla! A couple of tools I find supportive for focus are: 1. Pomodoro technique. Choosing a task and setting a timer for 25 minutes sounds so basic but it works wonders. The key is to commit to the task and not allowing distractions during that time period. 25 minutes is usually long enough to get something done and short enough for your brain to commit. 2. Micro-intention-setting - (great for neurodivergent brains). Whenever you sit down from your desk or get up from your desk, say out loud what you are about to do. "I'm going to refill my water, check on the baby, and use the bathroom." "I'm going to respond to those two emails." Again, sounds basic but our attention is a muscle and these tools can be great reset and strengthen.