Video: What a Virtual Doula Does?! How she help super Mom save the Day!

Hi Brilliant Women,

Check out this video. I explain exactly what a Doula does and how she can be instrumental to to the balancing of life for Full Time Working Expectant Mothers including Post Partum Care.

Here are a few points....

Watch the video below and share as someone may need to hear this:

  • Birth Planning Doula saves a Mom from her over Working Brain
  • Labour Doula helps ease anxiety and offer pain management
  • Postpartum Doula supports Moms returning back to life while relearning & accepting her body and prepare return to work guilt free.
  • Abortion/Miscarriage Doula - supports a woman during her time of lost and grieving; helping to rectify emotions.

Comment Below or DM to get started, ask a question or connect me to a friend who is in need of support. Virtual Services available.


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