State of Pay For Women - Are these numbers surprising?

We know from reports about the wage gap in the United States that women throughout industries are paid less than men. Asian women earn about 87 cents to the dollar; white women 79 cents; Black and Indigenous women an average of 63 cents; and Hispanic women 55 cents. Figures of course vary according to region and industry, but the general landscape is fairly consistent. Elpha recently shared this full report on where this currently sits. Give it a look... Are the numbers surprising, what you thought they'd be? Share your thoughts!

I'd be curious to see these numbers broken down by role/seniority/years of experience. I think it's a bit naive to think that there's equal gender representation in tech between high paying roles like Product, Eng, even Enterprise Sales, and lower paying roles. In my opinion, bucketing all of these variously paid jobs into one category washes over a lot of the structural issues that lead to pay disparities in favor of boiling it all down to a pay transparency issue.