Insight on transitioning from marketing to DEI

Hi everyone!

I'm a fairly new member to Elpha and would love some insight with a career struggle I am facing. I have a bachelors and masters in marketing/marketing analytics, and 6 years in web optimization, web design and now product marketing work.

However, I am feeling unfulfilled and after lots of thought, would love to switch into DEI work. Not only do I feel this would be a more fulfilling role by the nature of the role, but I do also love the aspect of teaching and hosting trainings and workshops for others.

My struggle is that any role I look at (even entry Level) ask for 3-4 years of experience, with an HR background. I know that I have the transferable skills and the soft skills (as communication, empathy, team work, etc) is where I always rank the highest in my performance reviews. I would love any insight into making this transition!

Does your organization have employee resource groups? I have seen several folks make transitions into formal DEI roles through leadership in ERGs. You may also look for roles that leverage your product marketing work in DEI. You could go into marketing for an organization that work in the DEI space, like, The Mom Project or Power to Fly. That gets you into the work tangentially and you can move internally from there. Good luck!
Thanks @MaggieRuvoldt! Unfortunately, the company is too small to have any ERGs. However, I love the idea of looking at marketing roles within companies in the DEI space. This could allow me to move internally after a while.
Hi @sailushagosala, I think the key to pivoting is a) updating all your personal branding materials to be in line with keywords for your new direction (resume, professional summary, linkedin profile, cover letter, video pitch, website/portfolio) b) pursuing reputable upskilling opportunities (use networking to understand which ones are worthwhile) and highlight these on your branding materials c) having a clear understanding of your target role/path so you understand the nuances of how people actually break in, in reality d) having a deep understanding of your target roles so you can easily speak to your fit during interviews e) working with a coach, mentor, or peer to see any gaps and areas for opportunity.BTW, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach - My profile has a lot of info about me where you can get in touch and also book a free initial call with me if you’d like more support. On my profile you can find a website link which includes a 7-step guide to making a career pivot which will have some helpful tips for you!
Thanks @rachelserwetz, super insightful! I have started reflecting on how my career in product marketing has built transferrable skills and working to highlight those in my resume.
Hey Sailusha, Have you started to reach out to people with DEI in their title/experience. You can start there to grow a network of people that can first give you insight into DEI roles and potentially connections to opportunities within companies that value DEI efforts. Besides talking to people in the field, creating 2-3 work experiences that related to role requirements is a good next step so that you can easily answer with relatable stories when discussing experiences related to DEI efforts.
Thanks @annamiller! Yes, I have reached out to a few and have reached out to my company's HR team to discuss a few initiatives I would love to help implement to hopefully gain some work experiences here.