What's your networking strategy? Here's a framework.

Hi Everyone,

Networking is a big topic. It's that thing we all know we should do, but it's so challenging that we end up with a lot of awareness but minimal action.

I'm an introvert - Enough said about how uncomfortable it is for me to go out and connect to people. I am secretly relieved when meetings with new people get canceled. I'm awkward at networking events (I attended once and never went again).

As a coach, I'm discovering and learning that networking can feel good. It's not a giant scary monster anymore.

Recently I had a conversation with a coaching client, and we devised a networking strategy. As an engineer in my past life, I obv had to engineer out the strategy and thought this community would have more ideas.

I customized it for mid-career tech professionals, but it should apply across the board.


  • Connect with at least 1 colleague every week - This includes your current colleagues, old colleagues, peers, mentors, and connectors (people who can connect you to others)
  • Connect with all your employers every week - This is your manager, your customers/clients, your partner team managers, and anyone who you work with closely
  • Find one potential employer/sponsor every week to follow - These are people who you have no point of contact with - Executives, Influencers, and Industry thought leaders.

The Mindset:

1. Don't think of networking as something you "should" do. Instead, think of it as going out into the community, spreading connection, and creating belonging for yourself and others.

An imaginative metaphor if you can indulge - we're not isolated trees but part of a bigger forest that thrives as a whole.

Networking and building relationships is a way to spread your roots and extend your branches to lean on others and to let others lean on you.

2. Take genuine delight in others and their work. Don't connect only when you need a job (although you can do that). Play the long game.

Think of Networking as a way to spread ideas, build on ideas and bring out new insights into the Industry.

3. Networking is a way to find your role in the community. Your job is only part of your role. There is a bigger role for you in the community and Industry.

Networking enables you to discover that role and figure out why you do what you do. And then enable you to do it better.

So, take a look at the image and tell me:

- What else would you add?

- What has worked for you?

- What questions does this leave you with?

This is a Work in Progress and would love to build on it with your input.

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Thank you for posting this! I'm going to try and follow your strategy by connecting with someone every week. I always enjoy meeting new people and learning about their career journeys.
Would love to hear how it goes!