Strongsuit *FREEBIE* for elphas to lighten the mental load for the holidays

At Strongsuit, we've spent the past 3 years growing our core business of pairing members with Strongsuits to lighten the mental load of making life outside of work happen seamlessly.

Earlier this week, we launched something new: The Strongsuit Christmas Playbook. We thought that if we could take all of the knowledge we have learned about helping people with the mental load, apply it to the most stressful time of the year for many (Christmas), and deliver it as an app, we may just be able to help more people actually enjoy the season.

We've created a code specifically for the elpha community for free use of the Strongsuit Christmas Playbook (a $39.99 value).  You simply need to enter the code ELPHA and apply it at checkout before you "buy" the book for $0. Note: You will still need to complete Stripe, but your card will not be charged or stored.

The app allows you to set intentions for what you want out of your holiday and transforms them into a rolling calendar of weekly tasks to keep everything organized, manageable, and on track. It also provides you with loads of resources and tips to help you get the most out of the holiday season by removing as much stress and last-minute headaches as possible.

We hope that this helps relieve some stress in 2021 and thanks so much for giving it a try.

P.S. To all our friends who celebrate Hanukkah and other holidays... stay tuned for future releases!

Love this! Working my way through now :) Thank you!
Thanks for sharing this with the community. It looks like I'm signing up for a subscription on the checkout page. Is it a subscription sign up?
Hi! It's a one-time purchase (but with the promo code it is FREE!)
Thanks for confirming! I'll try it out.As UX feedback, I think a lot of customers get nervous when there's language that says "subscription" (or something that implies a recurring charge) for a one-time purchase. If it's possible to change that in the checkout process, it might be something to look into.