You CAN pivot!

Resume tip!

We hear a lot of women say they don’t have enough experience within a certain area to apply for a specific job.

So, they don’t apply.

This keeps a lot of them from changing careers to a role that’s a better fit because of fears and imposter syndrome.

It’s 100% possible to pivot in your career.

But to get into a new industry or completely different role you’re going to have to sell yourself on your resume.

If you want to pivot, explain why…

Hiring managers will often pass you over if you don’t give a “compelling reason as to why you are applying.”

As someone who went through 3 (well really 3.5 pivots) I cannot agree more :) I truly believe in the "where there is a will, there is a way" and I know some people take offense with this statement because it highlights some privileges. However I respectfully disagree, in my case I receive zero favorable treatment and worked my butt off non-stop (and many times I was unpaid and Lord I wish I was sitting on a trust fund), to get what I wanted. And that comes from someone who is an immigrant ie. does not have preferential treatment when it comes to applying to job if anything it is used against me (if I need sponsorship), without a family here and having to provide to one back home. SO whenever I hear someone talking about pivoting but not doing anything about it, I cringe and lose patience.
@iynna THANK YOU for posting this! I, too, have pivoted a few times in my career. Sure, there will be roadblocks, but it's not impossible. It's a CHOICE!I appreciate you shedding more light on this so more women can get into jobs they actually enjoy!
Thanks for this reassurance to be honest; I often feel like this as I delve into testing out the consultant idea.