[It’s not rocket science] How to use appraisals to retain female talent

A lot of interested parties tell us that retaining women in tech is something mysterious, impossible, or deemed to fail because of women’s caring duties.

I love that this article spells out how to do it.

“Women often leave the workforce because they don’t feel they’re being recognised or paid enough for their work, and aren’t promoted as often or as much as their male counterparts — appraisals deal with these issues.”

Here’s what to do

· Analyse last year’s appraisals

· Train your managers

· Support your managers

· Create clear pathways to leadership

· Don’t wait for her to ask for a payrise

· Check in with your direct reports weekly

“Everyone talks about mentorship for women but, often, women already have the skills, knowledge and confidence to carry out a role — they just need the opportunity.”

How do those actions resonate with you?

What else is missing from that list?

Let me know in the comments.

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