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I recently heard that Zoom is a good investment, because of their dominance of technology and market. I haven't invested in the yet, but it's on the dock.
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I agree. Great company. On my watchlist too. I'm waiting for the stock lockup period to pass. Usually, IPOs get a good decline once the lock-up is over.Some of the pros:- Market: Web conferencing market, expected to grow more than 10% per year- Revneu growth: Last year was more than 100%, this year is expected to be more than 70%- A strong balance sheet with cashSome of Cons:- No earnings- Too early to gauge the sustaibility of growthZoom's Stock Card, for reference: https://stockcard.io/ZM
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I use Stash and usually put in small amounts on ETFs. I’ve not invested in companies much as I just started few months back. Zoom is a good bet, especially if you follow Prof Scott Galloway. Lululemon and Beyond meat maybe.
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I like Stash too. Which ETFs are on your portfolio?Zoom is good. See my reply to Kuan, below.LULU is a good one. I keep asking myself why I'm not invested in it.Beyond Meat is good. I just think too many competitors are coming. Nestle, ConAgra are just two new competitors. Way too overvalued.For references: Beyond Meat: https://stockcard.io/BYNDLULU: https://stockcard.io/LULUZoom: https://stockcard.io/ZM