What are the stocks or investments you are thankful for? #thanksgiving

Ladies, I have a tradition of posting and discussing the stocks and investments I'm thankful for. They are sometimes my top gainers. But, over the years, I switched to stocks and companies that have helped me learn something or understand something new about how to become a better investor. Below are my top three for 2019. Tesla (TSLA) As a CEO and founder, Elon's resilience and ability not to quit and keep going against all odds are inspiring.Boeing (BA) It helped me see the power of market dominance.SmileDirectClub (SDC) It helped me learn how hard it is to innovate in the medical sector.What are yours? What stocks or investments are you thankful for, and why?
Great question for this week! :) Etsy came to mind – As a former employee and dedicated shopper, it's quite cool to see the stocks doing well after the initial slump after IPO.
Agreed! I just picked up a few shares for our flagship portfolio on Stock Card.Some thoughts directly from my write up when I picked its shares:For a second, put aside that Esty is a company with a stock price that has been hammered down by approximately 25% in the last week of October. And, let's go through the company's Q3 earnings results that supposedly is the reason for such a decline. Two things jump out: 1) Myopic f focus on improving the product and the buyer-and-seller experience, and 2) Outstanding year-over-year revenue growth. Page after page, in the Q3 presentation, you can see how Etsy's management is focused on improving the product. From enhancing the onboarding experience and transitioning to contextual, non-linear search results to running free-shipping initiatives, Etsy keeps enhancing its offering for its users. You can only expect such a meticulous focus on users and products from companies that do not sacrifice their overall success for short-term stock price performance. Moreover, through the company's Q3 presentation, you can learn about a well-articulated plan to grow revenue, especially in the rapidly-growing Service segment. Overall, Etsy is a well-managed company. It grows revenue and earnings and generates free cash flow, and we continue to believe it is worthy of a spot in our portfolio. Just a reminder that even with the lower stock price, Etsy is still an overvalued company, valued more than seven times of sales, and more than 55 times earnings.
Facebook did great for me
Yeh, despite the PR and privacy issues, the stock keeps growing.
OSTK was a great pick. Any value investor would look at it favourably.