FreeWill is hiring!

Hey network - Happy new year! FreeWill has a number of roles recently posted so wanted to share them around. Please share around with anyone who you think might be a fit. Thank you!Roles include:- Account Manager- Account Executive- Sales Manager- Sr. Dev Ops Engineer- General Manager - Estate Planning for Financial AdvisorsMy referral link to the job board:

thank you for sharing! you guys are doing some really good work and i hope you get good people! We have a number of folks looking and tagging here@maddieedwards @MelissaKiss @jadevinson @carolmendoza @rachelgreenen (might be right up your alley :)) @rebeccabarton (not consumer but maybe some interesting roles for you)
This actually looks really great! I will get my application submitted within the next day.
Thank you so much for sharing @SarahL09! I have heard amazing things about your company! I just applied for an Account Manager position!
Thank you so much for sharing this, @SarahL09! I've just applied to the Account Manager position via your link--this is exactly the type of role and company I've been looking to be a part of. Looking forward to learning more!