FreeWill is hiring a Director of Rev Ops and a Sr. Software Engineer!

Hi all! My company FreeWill is hiring a couple of roles right now, links below:Director of Revenue Operations: Software Engineer:'s a great team, company, and mission, where you tackle fascinating problems every day with a wonderful group of people!

Amazing - some elphas who may be interested for the SWE role @lucyoswald @averyjohn @dylanwinn @angierodriguez (if you're looking for new opps), @dorothyt who is seasoned! @qalilangstaff (if you're looking? ) @juliazli00 @amariabloodson For the Rev Ops roles a few who may be a fit? @baileyhampton @CarolinaGomez @caleighbachop perhaps @RoxyQ
Thanks for thinking of me, Lynna! However, I'm not keen on the sales component, but will keep an eye out for other potential opportunities.
Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, they're not accepting people in my state. I appreciate the looking out though!
oh dang thanks for letting me know Dylan!
Thanks for thinking of me, but this isn't really in my wheelhouse. Most of my experience is in talent acquisition, partnership/account management, and nonprofit project management. I appreciate the consideration, though!