Where's my generalists at?! πŸ”Š

When someone asks me what I do, I squirm a little.

And it's because I can't give a succinct answer. I never quite know how to say that I'm a generalist, because the world is so used to everyone being in a tidy box.

But, my skillset brings alot to a company, especially to startups. I also think that generalists are going to be more in-demand as remote work rises and we care less about titles and more about output. But there's nowhere for companies to hire people specifically like me.

Until.... now. I'm building (what I believe to be) the world's first talent pool of generalists - who's skills are particularly invaluable to startups. 

So, my ask:

I'm looking to partner up with SMB's or incubators/accelerators to connect them and their portfolio companies with this top talent.

My give:

If you're a generalist (and I think it's a case of, if you know you know....) then please say hi! I've created a closed space where we can all connect and it's kind of wild how many people are showing up and connecting right away. To me, that signals that this space has been missing for lots of people

Thanks so much!

EDIT: Thanks so much for those who have already come to check us out. If you're interested in chatting more, here's our site.

I'm a generalist! Happy to help out where I can.
Lovely! I am a Partner at the MBA Fund and we are a 6M pre seed to seed fund. We have a portfolio of amazing startups that are all growing and always looking for great talent - hopefully that could be a great resource for your candidates!
Love that! I feel like I've struggled a bit with trying to label myself under a specific function, but I've come to realize that generalist is the best descriptor
Generalist here as well, I’d love to connect!
I think you MIGHT have just helped me answer a question I've been pondering...I have a feeling I've been stuck on targeting because maybe I'm a generalist!!
Love this post! I would love to connect!
Love this! Would love to be included, I fall into this category πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»
YES!! I love this post and couldn't agree more. Happy to connect and chat!
Happy to connect!
Definitely a generalist here! And trying to figure out my next adventure, so I'd love to be kept in the loop too, and happy to help how I can. :)
Hi! Generalist here. Been in a sales box for some time. Currently with a startup that has a cool community of driven talent, heavy tech and media.
This is a great idea. I’m happiest when wearing many hats at work and building/using a diversity of skills - would be happy to connect!
Hello I’m a generalist 🫢🏻 Keen to connect
What a wonderful idea! I'd love to connect!
Yes! I'm a generalist looking for my next career move and would love a place to chat about this with like-minded ladies
Happy to help as well!
I am a generalist and would love to connect! This is one of the biggest challenges that I am facing in finding a job. I don't fit neatly into a square box despite tons of experience. Happy to help!
Hi @millytamati! Generalist here and would love to join your space.
Another generalist here. Graduated with a degree in architecture, changed careers to tech, worked as a UI designer and a usability analyst, graduated from a coding boot camp and currently working as a content manager handling content, SEO and doing some web development on the side.