Looking to connect and actively searching for remote opportunities

My name is Maria Lopez. I come from a communications and research background working for non-profits and purpose organizations over the last 7 years. I most recently lead a successful social media marketing campaign promoting leadership roles for Colombia women in politics.

I am a passionate global storyteller that believes in the power of stories and great content to make magic happened. I would love to connect with anyone for a brief chat or zoom conversation about their journey in the marketing and communications industry particularly in Spain as this is a country I will be moving to.

I have done my research in some of the remote companies at Elpha such as Color, Grammarly, but I am not too sure they are open to remote workers for any nationality . It seems the are only open to US citizens and residents. Do you guys have any advice on how I will find out that.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marialopezcastillo/

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@marialopezmph - hi, welcome to Elpha! There are a handful of remote opportunities on Elpha! You can check them out here - https://elpha.com/positions?locations[]=Remote. You can filter based on your preference 🙂
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Tagging @maryjantsch our Head of Talent who may be able to help answer the remote global vs remote US question for you!
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Hello @dipishapatel and @teresaman, I really appreciate your replied. I have filter into remote positions, but even then ..I am not sure if the company does hire remote workers that are not from the USA because it doesnt say