Marketing and Communications: Opportunities

Hi all, my name is Maria Lopez. I am from Nicaragua and live in the USA for about 10 years, Colombia for two and Mexico one year. I considered myself a global citizen where my heart certainly belongs to all the countries I have ever lived. I believe our lives have purpose and meaning, our dreams matter, our story is unique, our voice is meant to be heard and we are born to make an impact in this world.

I come from a background of communications and public health research working for non-profits, international organizations, social enterprises, start-ups and academia over the last 10 years. Throughout my personal and professional experience, I have witnessed the power of words, of stories to raise awareness and make a positive change.

I most recently worked for a Canadian NGO in Colombia as a communications advisor defending human rights, empowering women particularly leading a political communications campaign in Santander, Colombia that promoted and open a space for more women in political and leadership roles.

One of my most notable achievments was leading of 3 communication assistants and two volunteers in the creation and management of communications content of FMF’s 5 lines of action to maintain their Webpage and social media networks, increasing their followers from 1500 to 4,286 in 8 months.

I would love to connect and have a zoom coffee with any marketing or creative leader, freelancer social media managers and writers who can tell me more about their experiences working in this space. I am really interested in the tech industry, sports, fashion, and wellness world. Would you like to connect?

Also please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin:

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