Personal development - love or hate?


What are you thoughts on self-improvement and personal development?

For me, it is a very honest date with myself and a lifetime process that I am fully committed to, because so far personal growth has changed my life...

I just want to know your thoughts and challenges you encountered when working on your personal growth goals :)

For me, I am much more successful and committed to personal growth goals where I strive for emotional results than quantifiable outcomes, eg. "feel happy when running" instead of "run x miles", "feel relaxed about work" instead of "get $ raise".
Wow, I do like your insight. If we link it to our emotions, we should feel better with whatever results we get. It actually interesting you say it, because as humans we make purchasing and any other decision based on how we feel, so emotional attachment is very key ;) Do you have 3 mins to spare to answer some other questions on self-improvement?
I personally believe that personal development is the only way to become a good human being. It's helped me break limiting beliefs and create new opportunities for myself.
Yes totally agree! Thanks so much for sharing. Are you open to connecting further? I would like to ask you couple of more questions. It is for our project to validate or dismiss some assumptions.
Yes, no prob, DM me and I'll be happy to chat further, or send a calendly link, I can choose a time to chat more.