Learning how to code and joining a tech group for women (support group)

Hi Ladies,

My name is Maria Lopez. I am from Nicaragua and I have always love technology. I am looking to learn how to code on the weekends, possible sunday. I will love to learn how to code and be an app creator. Do you know any programs, free courses, free fellowships, apprenticeship, I could apply to. I work full time from Monday through Satuday, so I could only do it on sunday on my own time. I have heard of pluralsight, freecodecamp, and bitwise workforce training, any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Maria, I’m Carina from Uruguay. I think freecodecamp has a great program, there are also forums where you can get help if you get stuck. Depending on which technology you choose there are also a lot of tutorials on YouTube, and communities specifically for women. You can join Latinas in Tech, for example. Let me know if I can be of any help! 😊
Hi there! I am using Skillcrush. Its a very inclusive, female-led coding program and very reasonably priced. Its totally done at your own pace. Real people are available daily via email and their student slack channel to answer questions and provide guidance and support. They have mentoring and job ready development, too. I am so happy I chose this program bc I knew I needed real people when things got tricky, I knew I needed something affordable and I knew I needed course structure (ie - I couldn’t just patch together my own learning by taking various free courses). I have supplemented here and there with courses on Udemy. I hope this helps! Good luck!