San Francisco Board of Elections Needs Poll Workers!

Hello San Francisco Elphas,The SF Department of Elections is sorely in need of more pollworkers. These are people who staff the polling locations (where people can vote) on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.I have been a pollworker once before. It is a full day of work (no joke!). The hours at the polling location where you are assigned are from 6am and may last until 10pm. You are given 2 meal breaks (an hour each) and two 15-minute breaks so you get some relief. The Dept of Elections typically assigns you close to home. But you can indicate if you can go farther away.There is a stipend which they call a courtesy payment. It’s about $180.The last training sessions are this election is Friday, 2/28/20 at 9 am, 1 pm or 1:30pm. You must attend training in order to get this job.If you want to see the voting process up close, then join in! If you want to contribute to the community, attend a training. If you have the time & just want to earn some money, here is your chance.Questions? Email: [email protected].The main site is sfelections.orgI hope you can work on March 3rd!The City of San Francisco needs help with this election!