For Elphas with dyslexia what do you do to make using your phone easier?

It's an Android phone for reference.

Thank you (:

Oh such an interesting thread! I unfortunately can't say I relate but this question piqued my curiosity and found this (not sure if you read it already but sharing in case you haven't and for others too) am looking to seeing you responses to the thread! thanks for kicking it off :)
Thank you Iynna! I did come across that page and find some of the tools helpful. Anyone else, please feel free to contribute, special apps for lists, etc.
Oh I am very curious to see other suggestions!
I remember @Ebrenner worked at UCSF's Dyslexia centre, maybe she has some examples of things she's seen in her role? And @melissamatos who was diagnosed early on, perhaps she has tips!
Not dyslexic but I help others a lot with phone accessibility: This is a really great question and I did not find a lot of answers for Android specifically (assuming standard Android like that on a Pixel or similar). Samsung skins their deployment of Android and I've had a generally better experience setting up accessibility options on Samsung phones - far more font options that are easier to deploy. Standard Android seems to make this type of change near impossible. If you're due for a new phone or still within a window to exchange it, you might look at Samsung.This site has a few different options: used to make it easier to make autocorrections and instant text changes. I feel like this has gotten harder with AI. Some things are done at the keyboard settings: PDF has some apps - this helps and others chime in.