What fitness programs does your company offer that you enjoy using?

Hi Elpha!

I recently joined the wellness community within my company to help drive healthy habits and motivate each other by hosting company-sponsored events and challenges. I've started the research phase of fitness programs and fun activities to put on the calendar, but I was curious about what other companies are doing to drive health and wellness. What events, challenges, or programs does your company use that you enjoy?

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!

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@valcubillos Hi Valentina,I recently left Oracle to start a nonprofit organization but sharing what we did there for one of Oracle's health and wellness initiatives. As a part of that initiative, I ran regular weekly meditation sessions (e.g. every Friday at 12pm EST) as well as specific programs (e.g. a 21 day daily meditation focused on women's needs - in March, around Women's day) to support better mental health of employees. The results were fairly good. I ran these programs for about 2 years and then decided that it was time to make them available to all organizations. This led to the creation of a nonprofit ( which offers free Sahaja yoga and meditation programs to all organizations. Happy to help if you need any free meditation programs for your org :).Regards,Nishtha
Hi @nwakhloo, Thank you so much for sharing! I love that you turned this into a nonprofit for meditation programs for all organizations to use. I will discuss adding meditation programs to our wellness team and will reach back out! I really appreciate it :)
Sure! If you need any info, feel free to drop me a note at [email protected]