Want To Be Featured In A Docu-Series About Mental Health? [Filming in NYC]

Hey there!

My name is Shanice J. Douglas-Samuels and I'm the Founder of Witted Roots, a mental health + emotional wellness platform for millennial women of color, rooted in themes of self-reflection and vulnerability.

ROOTED: The Docu-Series is our flagship production where we highlight the often-vulnerable mental health + emotional wellness experiences of millennial women of color. The main aim of this production is to create a platform for millennial women of color to tell their stories, particularly the stories that are not often told (and usually not by us!).

ROOTED is about sharing stories, but it's very much more than that. It's also about allowing other millennial women of color to see themselves represented in spaces where their most vulnerable experiences are welcomed, celebrated, and captured through a non-judgmental, empathetic lens, free from the limitations of widespread cultural stigma surrounding mental health.


We're prepping to start filming interviews in NYC in March & April and would love to invite you to share your story. Please express your interest here for further details on dates, locations, etc.

If you don't identify as a millennial woman of color, but know someone who does, please feel free to share this form with them. I would really appreciate the help to spread the word!


We are also opening up Associate Producer + Producer credits as rewards in our crowdfunding campaign. If you would like to be a major part of bringing these important stories to life, we would love to have you featured as the credits roll.