Launched our startup Plato on Product Hunt today!

Hello Elpha!

I’m a regular here, but I’ve always been too introverted to contribute anything. Well it’s International Women’s day so I’m turning over a new leaf 🍃!

Today I’m happy to announce the launch of my startup, Plato, on Product Hunt! 🥳

Plato is Airtable for your Postgres or MySQL database. It's the easiest way for your startup to make your database accessible for customer support, customer success, or sales operations.

BONUS: You can use Plato even without your own database. For today only, log in to connect and play with our sample database of historical Product Hunt data!

Check it out and give feedback! If you’re on Product Hunt and like what we’re doing please upvote!

Excited to hear what people have to say! Post here or on PH, I’ll be checking!

PS: Happy International Women’s day all! 💪