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@jikajika your boy! :)
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Damn right that's by boo! LOL!@HannahBaldovino - to answer your question, yes - I agree. There is no such thing as a perfect decision. There's just the decision you make and how you go forward with it. And when I say "go forward with it", execute on it HARD!This way, if it doesn't work - you can say that you tried every angle, every PIVOT, to make it work - but it just didn't pan out. That now eliminates THAT choice as a way of moving forward, and opens you up to other options & opportunities.Get me?
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That's a great point. Tackle every angle so you leave nothing up in the air with a potential of "what if" Love it!
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"What if" sucks. But if you're focusing correctly - on the new trajectory, idea, product, service, etc - and making that successful, it should never come into play after you've moved on from it. But we're human, so - you know..."the shoulda, coulda, woulda" flares up from time to time no matter what. 😅
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Use Cobble! That's the decision-making app I just launched. Starting with date night only though—future decisions coming soon!